Ozark Water Projects

Ozark Water Projects

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Water Projects for African and Haitian Communities

Provide a safe and clean drinking water for underprivileged communities in Africa and Haiti through the help of Ozark Water Projects. We conduct shoe drives through schools, churches, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals. Read our previous successful water funding projects below.

Kenya 2011

In January 2011, we partnered with George “The Shoeman” Hutchings in drilling a total of four wells in Kenya. Three were for elementary and secondary schools, while the fourth well was drilled for The Community Health Center in Lwala. The clinic currently serves more than 15,000 patients a year.

At present, there are four water purification systems installed at the surface water springs in Lwala. The said springs are often highly contaminated.

Haiti 2011 (July)

A 14-member team, including an Ozark Water Projects mission team, volunteered to install five water purification systems in Haiti. We also repaired hand pumps in Port-au-Prince, Gonaïves, and its surrounding villages.

Moreover, a 500-gallon tank and a purification system were installed at The Kids Vision Orphanage School in the Sarthe 55 district of Port-au- Prince. This establishment was built on March 2011.

Honduras 2011

On December 2011, we teamed up with One Life Ministries to provide funding for a well repair in San Nicholas, Honduras. Now, 3,500 people have access to water from a well that was previously not functioning.

Kenya 2012

In partnership with Shoeman Water Projects, we returned to Kenya with our mission team. We spent one month on:

  • Drilling Wells
  • Installing Water Purification Systems

  • Doing Pump Repairs
  • Teaching Water and Hygiene Education (in Schools)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Newspapers

We were featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Newspapers in 2012. They’ve tackled our fund-raising projects for families in developing countries.